Last modified: July 9, 2024

Privacy Notice

Chapter I


At Docamí®, we value the trust you place in us by providing your personal information. In compliance with the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties and other applicable regulations, we present this Privacy Notice.

Chapter II

Data Controller

The data controller of your personal information is us, Docamí, S.A.P.I. de C.V. (“Docamí”, “we”, or "us"). We are the creators and operators of the Docamí® Virtual Medical Assistants ("Virtual Assistants") and the website ("Website"). Our address for receiving notifications is and Calle Gabino Barreda 110, Colonia San Rafael, Alcaldía Cuauhtémoc, Postal Code 06470, Mexico City, Mexico.

Chapter III

Availability of the Privacy Notice

You can consult our Privacy Notice at any time on the website

Chapter IV

Our Services

The primary purpose for which we process your personal data is to provide you with our Services, which include collecting medical information and facilitating communication between you and your doctor through their Virtual Assistant.

For more detailed information about our Services, including specific functionalities and user guidelines, please refer to our Terms of Use here:

Chapter V

Personal Data and Means of Collection

We collect personal data from various lawful sources to provide our Services efficiently:

  • Data you provide directly: We collect identification and contact information (such as your WhatsApp number), demographic data, location, and health data, such as symptoms, medical history, and biomarkers. Biomarkers are biological data that can include information such as blood pressure, heart rate, glucose levels, among others, that help us create a detailed medical record for your care.

  • Data obtained through the use of our Services: We collect information about when payments are made through the links provided by the Virtual Assistants, as well as the necessary tax data for your doctor to issue receipts for services rendered.

  • Data obtained from third parties: We collect contact information provided by third parties when necessary to offer you our Services or to complete or update your record.

With your consent, we may transfer your data to commercial partners such as laboratories, pharmacies, hospitals, and doctors, to offer you products and services related to your medical care that may be of interest to you.

Chapter VI

Sensitive Data and Minors

We collect and process health data, which may be considered sensitive personal information. This information is used to send it to your doctor, as part of our Services, so that they can attend to you. We do not collect information directly from minors; this must be provided by their parents or guardians.

Chapter VII

Purposes of Processing

We use your personal data to:

  1. Deliver our Services: Collect and integrate patient charts, deliver personalized medical management plans, and offer continuous support and follow-up as directed by your doctor.

  2. Facilitate communication between patients and doctors: Streamline the exchange of medical information and instructions through our Virtual Assistants.

  3. Verify your identity: Ensure that we are interacting with the correct person to provide tailored services.

  4. Contact you without commercial prospecting purposes: Communicate necessary information regarding our services, your medical management plan, and any updates or changes.

  5. Validate the quality of the information provided: Ensure the accuracy and reliability of the medical and personal information we process.

  6. Maintain the security of our technological infrastructure: Ensure the safety and reliability of our systems to protect your data and service integrity.

  7. Carry out security and fraud prevention processes: Protect both you and our services from fraudulent activities and unauthorized access.

  8. Manage billing and collection processes: Handle payments for services rendered by affiliated doctors and manage any financial transactions.

  9. Quote and manage services from our own and third-party providers: Facilitate the provision of necessary services and products from various providers as part of your medical management plan.

  10. Conduct surveys and analyses on the use and quality of the Services: Gather feedback and insights to improve our services and better meet user needs.

  11. Address and follow up on investigations and clarifications: Resolve any issues, concerns, or disputes related to the use of our services.

  12. Comply with cooperation obligations with security and justice institutions: Provide necessary information to legal and security entities as required by law.

  13. Research: Use aggregated and anonymized data for research purposes to enhance our services, improve medical outcomes, and contribute to medical knowledge and innovation.

Chapter VIII

Secondary Purposes

We may use your data to inform you about new services, promotions, and offers from Docamí, unless you object by sending an email to Your refusal will not affect your access to our Services.

Chapter IX

Data Transfers

We may transfer your personal data without your consent to:

  • Competent authorities and third parties in legally stipulated cases.
  • Your doctor and third-party medical service providers.

We may transfer your personal data with your consent to:

  • Commercial partners such as laboratories, pharmacies, and hospitals, to offer you products and services related to your medical care that may be of interest to you.

To object, send an email to

Chapter X

ARCO Rights and Contact

You have the right to access, rectify, cancel, and oppose the processing of your personal data (ARCO Rights). To exercise these rights, send an email to with the Single Form for Exercising ARCO Rights available here.

Chapter XI

Data Retention and Changes to the Notice

We retain your personal data as long as necessary to provide you with the Services. You can contact us for any questions or complaints related to the use of your information at We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Notice, and we will notify you of any changes through our website.